Patron of traditional culture

I, Robert D. Holloway IV, was born to a mother who was adopted from South Korea and a father of African-American descent. My mother grew up in America and didn't have the opportunity to speak Korean or live in the culture she was born into.

Knowing this, I was inspired to learn about my Korean heritage and began my quest for knowledge of traditional Korean culture. This included first and foremost understanding and speaking the language. In 2008 I moved to Seoul, South Korea...Read what happened next

Experienced Interpreter & Translator

Robert Holloway and his sister grew up in Seattle to a Korean-adoptee mother and an American father. His mother was adopted at such a young age that she didn't have the opportunity to learn the Korean language before coming to the States. Since Robert was not taught Korean growing up, he studied Korean aggressively for over 10 years (and continues to do so).

He received mentorship from several professional Korean interpreters in order to become a professional linguist with an exceptional command of the Korean language and extensive knowledge of Korean culture.

"Midwest Korean Translation, through offering professional Korean language services, has allowed me to offer my expertise as a fluent speaker and someone who has come to learn the language by directly participating in the Korean culture, and not as an outsider."

Established Speaker

Robert has spoken at Korean schools, events for international organizations, weddings, and cultural settings and is known to inspire his audience--children or adults--to achieve their goals by implementing tools of their own culture.

He and his family's unique story leave listeners wanting to continue their Korean or English language studies, achieve their goals and find success in life.

"It is my wish that by reading this and seeing my life you will be encouraged to use the tools of your own culture to build your life. May you and those around you be inspired to hold high that which belongs to you."


Using his unique background and experiences Robert teaches Korean language and culture to young Korean adoptees and 2nd/3rd generation Korean children.

He motivates children not just to study, but to pursue their own culture for themselves and find the wealth in its application.

He is also an African language, meditation and traditional healing teacher at The Earth Center, a global non-profit cultural organization founded on values and principles of Kemetic culture--Africa's oldest traditional culture.